BL Summer Choc-O  Bampton Common and Loadpot Hill


Dates: Available now. Last day is 1st September

Parking: Roadside parking around NY 4952 1952, just north of the cattle grid. (This about 800m south of the Compass Sport Cup event parking.) It is better to approach from the north (Helton) as the road from the south (Bampton) has gates and big potholes. Nearest postcode CA12 2QL.

Course lengths: There is a choice of three courses (straight line distances)

  • Long: 15.5km, 800m climb
  • Medium: 10.6km, 500m climb
  • Short: 7.4km, 350m climb

Map: The courses have been designed so that you can use either the OS 1:25000 map (Lakes NE OL5) or the Harvey Superwalker map (Lake District East 1:25000). All features are shown on both maps. The bounding grid lines are:

  • Long: 44-50 (W to E), 14-21 (S to N)
  • Medium and Short: 44-50 (W to E), 17-21 (S to N)

Grid Refs: Are 8-digit (i.e. accurate to 10m). However, you should be able to identify the feature on the map using only the 6-digit equivalent.

Start: Grid Ref is 4861 1944 – Wall Bend S. side. It’s at the high point of the wall, and is slightly obscured by reeds to keep it safe.

Control Points: Are wooden stakes about 0.5m high with an orange top. At two of them the courses split. Make sure to read the correct grid reference for your chosen course. Two controls are on “bields”. In case anyone is unfamiliar with this term, it is either a mini sheepfold, or just a low wall.

Safety: The courses reach a height of around 650m. They are on an area where you will encounter very few other people and have limited phone reception. Make sure you are suitably equipped. You are entirely responsible for your own safety.

Problems: If you can’t find a post, or can’t read what is written on it please let us know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We’d also like to know if the cache is running short of goodies.

Instructions for First Timers:

  • Decide which course to do (Long, Medium or Short)
  • Go to the start point (grid reference above). Here you will find a post with a grid reference and description for the first control
  • Locate it on your map and go there. It can be a good idea to write down the grid reference in case you can’t find the control and want to check the grid reference again.
  • You will find another post with a grid reference for the next control. There may be different grid references for each course. Make sure to read the correct one.
  • Continue like this until you reach the Cache. Here you will find a post, plus a black plastic sack containing edible goodies (but sadly no chocolate as it might melt). There is also a notebook and pencil to record your completion and any comments.

Karen and Dan Parker