Monday 13th January 2020, Chances Park, Carlisle
Training Night
7pm. Park at Morton Community Centre
Fee: Seniors £2, Juniors free. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult.

Club Training Notes for Chances Park 13/01/2020

This session is designed to build on Chris Lates excellent session at the end of the summer in Rickerby Park. The idea is that you use compass and pacing backed up with some map reading. There are features that you may be able to identify along most legs, they should help you check your progress.

To start we will all check our pacing scale again.
1. The map scale is 1:3000 so 100m is 33mm or each mm is 3m
2. There are 5 different loops, all are similar in difficulty
3. Each loop is a corridor ie only a narrow strip of map is visible.
4. The first leg on each loop is a straight forward bearing and pace. There may be catching features to help.
5. Most subsequent legs are in 2 or 3 stages, the change point may be a feature or it may just require total distance judgement, either way you need to pace count!
6. The end point for each leg is marked by a control flag.
7, Each loop is just over 1km in length
8. After you have completed one loop try a second and even a third - you might even try straightening the legs out - but remember you might come across fences and patches of trees that make staying on a bearing and distance judgement difficult.
9. Note patches of wood (white) look like the 'whited out' areas but they have black dots around them and stick out into the corridors
10 IN THE DARK this will BE WELL HARD!!!!
11. Course close 20.40 -please don't be late!!