Here are the answers to the BL 50th Anniversary Crossword Puzzle and the Welsh Towns and Cities quiz.

A prize winner has been randomly selected from the correct entries for the Crossword Puzzle.

Congrats to Keith Tonkin! He will receive his prize in due course.

The Welsh Towns and Cities quiz was just for fun, no prizes for that one.



There may be a problem with the email address for entering the BL 50th Anniversary Crossword and some entries could have got lost. Closing date for entries is extended to 14th June. If you have entered and not received an acknowledgement please can you re-send your entry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Karen will randomly select a winner from all correct answers (BL members only) on 14th June, and there will be a prize appropriate to the occasion!

Entries should be sent to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BL 50th Anniversary Crossword Puzzle (PDF)


Border Liners Orienteering Club was formed in Autumn 1969. Our first event was in May 1970 in Greystoke Forest.

On Sunday 31 May, at 11.00am if possible, do some activity on a theme of 50 to celebrate Border Liners’ 50th Anniversary.

Border Liners and friends, past and present, and anyone who was at that 1970 event are all invited to take part.

If you would like to join in the fun but haven't received the club email newsletter, please get in touch for full details. Most importantly, all activities must be in accordance with UK/devolved government guidelines on the day. That still leaves you with plenty of choices, and scope for ingenuity!

“Five people got all the answers right in the Towns and Cities quiz. The tie-breaker was to come up with the best clue for a town or city in Wales (since I didn't have any in the original).

Choosing a winner was very hard but eventually I decided that my favourite was Richard Moss’s so he wins the bottle of wine, though how to get it to him remains unresolved. Most people, in addition to their official entry, sent me other clues that they had devised so I have collated them all into a new quiz which is now available - attached. There are no prizes and the answers will be published in a few weeks’ time. Richard’s winning tie-break entry is the first one in the list.” Karen Parker

Welsh Pictorial Descriptions Quiz (PDF)
Please note, file replaced on May 23rd. The word lengths for no. 14 are (5,6) not (5,5) as shown in original version.

The crossword is still available, so don't look at the answers yet if you haven't tried it yet!

Crossword (PDF)



Time's up! Here are the answers you've been waiting for.

There were 12 entries for the Towns and Cities prize puzzle, 5 of which were fully correct. A tie breaker is being sent to those people.

Towns and Cities Quiz Answers (PDF)

The Lake District Pictorial Descriptions quiz was of course just for fun.

Lake District Quiz Answers (PDF)

Answers to the crossword will be published in a few weeks.

We do hope you've enjoyed these quizzes, and thanks again to Karen Parker who provided them for our entertainment.

No doubt you've all finished the British Towns and Cities quiz in super quick time.... don't worry, you still have until the end of April for that one!

Here's another puzzle from Karen Parker to keep those brain synapses firing, Printable version (PDF), but do please read the following note:

“The British Towns and Cities puzzle seemed to go down well so here’s another of the same sort. This one was originally produced for the MDOC Twin Peak event in 1998 - thank you to Richard Moss for reminding me about it and suggesting it could be revived. There are no prizes this time as some people have seen it before. Answers will be published at the end of the month, but if you want them sooner than that just email me.”

Here's a brain teasing puzzle for you, courtesy of Karen Parker. Printable version (PDF)

A small prize is on offer for the best entry received before the end of April, when answers will also be provided.

Here's another brain teasing puzzle for you, this time courtesy of Dave McQuillen from Solway Orienteers.

Border Liners 2020 Junior Orienteering Series
Incorporating Carlisle and Eden Schools Competition.

Enter a minimum of 3 events, your best 3 scores (on any course) will count towards an overall series score.

Congratulations to all the schools from Carlisle and Eden that took part at Miltonrigg on Saturday in our school series!

Results from Miltonrigg Woods for primary schools:
1st Fellview (391 points)
2nd Hayton (369 points)
3rd Stanwix (279 points)
Other competing schools Gilsland, Crosby-on-Eden and Stainton

Results from Miltonrigg Woods for secondary schools:
1st Trinity (297)

Overall series results so far (best three events by the end of the year to win)

1st Hayton (765 points)
2nd Stanwix (478 points)
3rd Fellview (391 points)
4th Gilsland (368 points)

All competing schools: Crosby-on-Eden, Stainton, Wigton, Hunter Hall

1st Trinity (297 points)

Saturday 28th December 2019, Xmas Charity Event (Level D, Local)

Hope you all enjoyed your post Christmas run in the sun (yes, sun!) today at Whittas Park. Results won't be published today due to a small technical problem with the map memory course. You're all patient people though, and some will remember having to wait weeks for them to arrive in the post! 😄
Thanks to Raymond and Jenny for organising it all, and providing fantastic post race food at Bothel Village Hall to raise money for Cumbria Blood Bikes. The total raised came to £420 - thank you for your generous donations.